Internet Software Application Platforms

Internet Software Application Platforms

internet software application

An internet software application (or internet application) is a software program that runs directly on a web server instead of being installed on a desktop computer. Examples of widely-used internet application programs include: online auction sites, web-based e-commerce, online social networking sites, online survey panels, and online educational games. A web application may run independently or in conjunction with other software. Some web browsers, including Internet Explorer, are already built into computers and only need to be installed with an internet application program. Web-based e-commerce software includes shopping carts, merchant services, payment processors, web-based catalogs, and inventory management systems.


Internet application software programs offer many advantages over traditional point-and-click Windows software. Users can drag and drop objects into a web page, rather than having to place items into virtual folders, and they can do nearly everything through the browser. Internet application software offers the ability to manipulate many types of data and documents at the same time.


Many of today’s most popular web applications and websites use programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, or XHTML. This kind of programming language enables a website to manipulate items on their web page through a browser window instead of an equivalent application. Because these programs run directly on a website instead of within a computer application, web applications can run on any browser, which means users can access these programs from anywhere with a computer, even without the internet.


Internet software application can be useful for creating websites that consumers can then access from mobile devices. Native apps are software applications written in a programming language that runs inside the web browser. This type of app is similar to a Java app, but it runs within a web browser. Users can only read and edit files in the native app, and they cannot create files or modify code within the application.


Internet application software programs give businesses and individuals the ability to do much more when it comes to accessing and sharing information. For instance, a doctor can make appointments online and send text messages to his or her patients. A bookkeeper can maintain financial records online. Business owners can use online applications for payroll, scheduling services, managing product orders, and more.


Internet application platforms allow people to access databases and share information. The database programs often include secure transaction processing so that confidential information is transmitted only between authorized endpoints. In addition, these application platforms make it easier to work with large amounts of data. For example, it would be much faster to perform a search for a particular piece of information if you only have to enter the city in which the information is required rather than going back to the main desk and typing the information again. The Internet application platform also provides a way for end-users to share information through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

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